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Our Story


Being located in beautiful British Columbia has many benefits. Scenic back country to explore for hunting, fishing and camping, small family orientated town lifestyle. With all this to offer it was missing one element for Alicia the closest local needlework shop was a six-hour drive away, and although there were some options to buy online many of those shops were located in the US.


In shopping online Alicia found Fabric Flair fabric and fell in love with the options these fabrics offered for her ability to create amazing works of art. She felt other fiber artists across Canada would benefit from the ability to purchase these fabrics and any other needle needs North of the border all while avoiding the duty fees.

Our Name

Bug’s XStitch began operations in May 2018, XStitch is to signify the products sold, while Bug’s has a lot more meaning. Bug’s was Alicia’s nickname while growing up (she still answers to it to those who do call her by that name) Alicia also answers to her first name from her family, friends and husband.

Mom to her 15-year-old daughter Seaura (who was an avid competitive gymnast), Mama from her 3-year-old son Kaiden who is loving exploring the world as only a three-year-old can, and the ‘baby’ a 1-year-old little girl named Everly, which for the time being is making Mom available at wee hours in the morning too! The immediate household also includes a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Nea (she’s a people too) and two dark tabby cat’s named Max and Memo (they are not friends yet so the tension is high).

Alicia spent over 15 years of her working career in retail and firmly believes that customers deserve to be served by someone who is willing to put all their effort forward and go above and beyond what their needs may be. She now works full-time in the production sector of a plywood plant graveyard shift when not on maternity leave, as well as this retail shop and bookkeeping on the side for a few select clients.