Monogamous May!

Monogamous May

I’m calling on all of you wonderful people to help me decide what to do for my Monogamous May Bug’s Style! I’ll list the information to help you make your decision below the pictures!  

  • M’Lady and the Unicorn – My mother was going to stitch this for my daughter. I have now started it in memory of my Mom for my daughter.
  • Butterfly Conversion to Blue Restart – This one needs to be restarted because I feel the pen has stained the Aida. I have some 20 count that might work in place of this 18 count. I am converting the colours to all blue to look like the Monarch butterfly which I symbolize with my Mother.
  • Lady Silhouette – This fabric by Fabric Flair reminds me of my Mother and blue was her favourite colour.

I’m asking you to decide on which piece I should use for my Monogamous May focus piece. Also as an added bonus this will be the only piece I stitch on for May 30th (if I have stitchy time) as that was my Mother’s Birthday! She would have been 55 this year. I will still stitch on the odd other piece like my monthly Hands On Design Stitch along with @Kim_In_Canada on IG the hashtag is #hodyocamonthearly, we are always looking for more people to join us. I also have a couple spring designs in case I get bored… It’s been known to happen!

So, log in to your Facebook and let me know which piece you feel should be the focus of May comment below!