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Ann Wilkinson 1834 – Cross Stitch Antiques


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Provenance: Although nothing could be found relating to young Ann Wilkinson,
nnher surname is of Anglo-Saxon origins which can be found in the Celtic countries
nnof Ireland, Scotland and Wales since medieval times. The rich bold colors, placement of
nnrepetitive motifs in a well balanced, symmetrical order and the thick undulating bands
nnall suggest this to be a Scottish sampler. The original measures 15 inches x 18 inches stitched
nnon 34 x 30 count unevenweave linen. The model was stitched in the muted colors due to the passage of time though many are still vibrant on this gorgeous sampler even after the passage of nearly 185 years.

nn”Great God: thy hand to diff’rent ranks
nnHath diff’rent tasks assign’d;
nn’Tis mine to tread the lower path,
nnAnd bear an humble mind.
nn”Tis mine with industry and care
nn”To earn my daily food,
nnI am not likely to be great,
nnBut, oh: may I be good.
nnAnn Wilkinson 1834″
nn36 count Vintage Sand Dune by Lakeside Linens
nnAVAS silks or DMC
nnStitch count 249 x 250

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