Omanik Quantum Frames


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These are the fabulous Omanik Quantum Frames that are world-renown. Anton and Alexey manufacture these beautiful, sturdy frames in Maardu, Estonia when the order is placed.

Please ensure if you are wanting a complete frame add a QH size to your cart and a QL size. This system will allow for more accurate representation of stock quantaties.

If it it not in stock it will take about 8 weeks to get but I do order every month so they could all ready be on the way.

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QH Bars

NO BARS, QH10 (4"), QH15 (5.9"), QH20 (7.9"), QH30 (11.8"), QH40 (15.8"), QH20SS (7.9"), QH30SS (11.8"), QH40SS (15.8")

QL Rods

NO RODS, QL15(5.9"), QL20(7.9"), QL30(11.8"), QL40(15.8"), QL50(19.7"), QL60(23.6"), QL70(27.6"), QL80(31.5"), QL90(35.4"), QL100(39.4"), QL110(43.3")


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