Would you like to start your own Xstitch club?

Bugs Xstitch Stitch club


If you are creative and artistic, staying home due to the pandemic that’s going on right now, bored out of your mind, need something to do, what better way to take advantage of the time and situation than join my Xstitch Club?

In my Facebook group I share a lot of stitching tips and my subscription clubs give you fabric or thread every month (or season if you chose the quarterly one) necessary to start your creative mojo!

Here is an idea, you could start your own sewing club wherever you are, where a handful of your friends could get together and work on a pattern every month.

Some of my subscribers are solo workers who subscribe to a monthly stitch club and work on each pattern by themselves and some others get together with others and enjoy the craft as a team.

Stitching Clubs have been popular all over the world for the past few decades or more. Here is what stitching clubs around the world are doing…

  1. Meeting or getting together in a member’s house once or twice a week for a few hours to work on individual patterns, while enjoying tea and snacks or glasses of wine and wonderful conversation.
  2. Each member working on individual patterns and helping one another finish their projects.
  3. All members get together to work on one project. The finished product either gets sold and members share the proceeds or it goes to a common charity. 
  4. All members work on one project per month and each month the finished product goes to one particular member and members take turns to take home one finished product.
  5. Members get into groups and have competitions as to who finishes earliest and flawlessly. 
  6. Men could start sewing sewing clubs too. Man-made crafts are popping up all around the world and proud men are now showing off their fine stitches as well!
  7. Children’s Xstitch clubs are also popular all over the world. After school sewing involves girls and boys working their way with needles, and after endless chitter-chatters, showing off their beautiful designs.
  8. Frazzled parents could volunteer to host small stitching parties for middle school and high school kids where kids come together and stitch away for a few hours.

Here at Bug’s Xstitch we have quality materials that we use for our clubs and ship out to you! Let us know how you can use our resources towards enriching your lives with creativity, activity and cheerful fun!